Hey Flight Fam,

Pretty sure you know by now that our mission is to be here for a good time and a long time. That mission has flowed through our business from inception and it’s still just as true to this day as it was back then. How good.

We’ve always said we’re here for a good time, and yep, we love to have a bit (lot) of fun while we’re at it. But at the heart of this, it’s about doing good, giving back and leaving a positive impact on the world around us. 

We want to be here for a long time. We know to do that we need to source and roast delicious coffee. But it’s about more than that. At a baseline, it’s about doing our part to make sure that coffee continues to be a sustainable

product from farm all the way to the cup. That means making sure all the people along the supply chain are supported and rewarded, and our footprint is as small as we can possibly make it.

That’s why we’re proud to be a B Corporation.

And, for you?

Well, it means you can trust that in doing business with us, you’re supporting a brand that uses its business as a force for good and puts positive social and environmental impact before profits.

We got our official certification in April 2023, with a score of 90.3. The average for our sector and business size is 76, so we are really chuffed with our score. While becoming B Corp Certified is a big milestone, it’s just part of our overall commitment to doing better. We see it as formal recognition of the work we’ve done

so far and a way to establish clarity and priorities to continue improving into the future. As leaders within the coffee industry, we endorse and promote the B Corp framework, and recommend our industry friends complete the free impact assessment to see where you stand.

Cheers to doing and supporting better business.