Meet our 1kg Bags.

Aside from looking pretty swish and the fact they keep our coffee fresher for longer, we're very excited about these bags and what it means for the environment.

Our 1kg bags are fully recyclable and to further that, we know exactly where and how it happens. We've partnered with a very cool and progressive NZ company, Future Post. They take soft plastics and recycle them into Fence Posts that can last for years. These fence posts are literally popping up around NZ from Dairy Farms to Wineries. 



Here's a snapshot of how are bags get recycled:

 We've created our own recycling system to make it easier for our cafe customers to ensure these bags will one day be living a long and fruitful life in vineyards and farms around NZ.

Future Post 
Designed by a fencer. Build for a farmer.


Future Post was founded in the time-honoured kiwi way of trying to find an ingenious solution for a challenging problem. While attempting to build a fence on an old rubbish dump site, Jerome Wenzlick found his wooden fenceposts were breaking as he tried ramming them through all the waste plastic in the ground. With a passion for the environment, Jerome had the revelation that if he could build a stronger fencepost from waste plastic, he’d also help solve a bigger environmental problem. Soon after, a chance meeting with Bindi Ground, a farmer with previous experience in recycling and repurposing products, led to a business partnership and a commitment to produce premium products, that perform better, for longer

- Designed, re-purposed and Made in New Zealand

Read more on Future Post HERE





 A bit of media on Future Post showcasing some of their work.