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"What a great idea you clever sausages, I'll never again run out of fresh pots".
- Nick's Aunty

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THUNDERBOLT BLEND - Strong, heavy, and bittersweet


Designed for espresso, and for all the deep, bold, and strong coffee lovers out there.

Over the past nine years, we’ve brewed many coffees, tasted many more, and played around with a whole lot of roasting styles. On top of that, we've had a few tasty beer collaborations over the last few years. That got us thinking more and more about different flavours, different styles, and how craft brewers offer such a varied range and style of beers, but yet they’re all delicious in their own right. 

There’s no ‘one way’ to ‘do’ coffee or one coffee that everyone will enjoy. So we’re always looking, tasting, roasting, sourcing and challenging ourselves to try new things and to better ourselves and the coffee we grow, roast, and brew. 

Cue Thunderbolt. It's a bit different than our other blends. It's our rustic blend, yet it's finessed; punchy and delicious. It‘s like the stout of our coffee blends. We’ve crafted this blend to give that kick that so many love while retaining Flight Coffee's quality and social impact at origin due to our stable pricing buying system (always ask us about this).

Featuring coffees from Rwanda, Colombia, and Brazil.