Stay Tray

A conversation with our mate Kate Steward, Managing Director and Founder of Stay Tray.
We're well stoked to be stocking Stay Tray, a reusable tray made from recycled materials designed to improve our on-the-run coffee experiences while being kind to the planet. 


So, Kate, what’s your elevator pitch, what is Stay Tray?
Stay tray is all about reducing single use, all through the humble beverage tray…whilst rehoming some of the world’s waste.

How did you come up with the idea for Stay Tray?
I’d had an idea for a little while and realised there was an obvious gap in the market.  It felt counterintuitive that everyone was shifting their behaviour from single-use coffee cups to reusable, yet, still ended up with a disposable cardboard tray!? That’s how Stay Tray was born.


Walk us through how Stay Tray is made?
Stay Tray is made using 100% locally sourced recycled material. It is made in Melbourne Australia from 100% recycled polypropylene, items such as bread crates, ice cream containers etc.

Tell us how you’ve been seeing Stay Tray used by consumers in the market place. 
Stay Tray has proved to be far more versatile than I ever anticipated. The uses are practical, sustainable, often inspire and amuse me. Stay Tray is obviously used for the coffee run every day, but people are using it in cars where they don’t have drink holders, drive through McDonald's, at the local football, they’re taking it camping, fishing, down the beach, caravanning, on boats or on the golf course.  I’ve even had people use it to carry paint samples from their local hardware store. The best part is, Stay Tray is being embraced by super sustainable savvy businesses, as a way to reduce waste in their workspace, whilst adding their logo to a truly innovative product that is 100% Australian made and made from 100% recycled material. Great way to get them brand reach!

What’s coming up next for Stay Tray?
We've just launched our much-anticipated Stay tray 2 cup solution. The 2 cup is all about convenience and ease. Super lightweight and really stylish! It’s an absolute must-have!



Have you got any hot tips for helping to reduce waste and to reuse products around hospitality?  
There are so many really innovative and cool ways we can contribute to recycling in the hospitality space. There’s a great company called Closed Loop who run a cup collection clean scheme called Simply cups. They essentially take disposable coffee cups and rehome them into a variety of different items, everything from a Stay tray, to a reusable coffee cup, new road surfaces, and asphalt, the list goes on. There’s also a number of charities who are able to take the milk bottle lids and make prosthesis for children. It’s truly inspiring and so incredibly intelligent. 


Thanks for your time. Make sure you lock in your Stay Tray today! 



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