Our 1kg bags get turned into fence posts

Flight Coffee is excited to announce to the world our own recycling system. We've partnered with Future Post, a grass-roots recycling company founded in the Kiwiest of spirits, up there with No. 8 wire. Future Post takes soft plastics from around the country and transforms them into fence posts. Not only does this create a solution for soft plastics, but it also avoids trees being cut down to make fences with.

Future Post stood out to us for a number of reasons, apart from being an awesome sustainable company that supports industries from orchards to dairy and sheep farming. It’s a great product – it doesn’t split, rot or crack. The fence posts don’t leech contaminants into the soil (certified for use on organic farms), they're UV stable, have a 50+ year life expectancy, and a particular favourite – they are 100% recyclable. If need be, they can take an old post, and turn it into a new post!

More importantly, all research pointed to one thing. If any plastic is to be recycled, the most responsible method is for the plastic to have a long second incarnation, and not be used to create anything with a high likelihood of winding up in landfill, like clothing, or other packaging. Instead – we should be looking for options like resurfacing roads, park benches, or in this case – fence posts with a lifespan of more than 50 years.We have done comprehensive research over the last 6 months around quality-driven, sustainable wholesale packaging, and we’re immensely proud of this outcome. The bags are completely aluminium-free and are a thicker polypropylene to ensure freshness for longer, which was step one.

The next step was making sure these bags weren’t just going to wind up in landfill – which is where we need your help.We chose not to be a part of other recycling schemes because we want to know exactly where the bags are going. By owning this system, we can have a better understanding of the impact of our business - and the best way to offset this.

“Future Post takes soft plastics from around the country, and transforms them into fence posts. Not only does this create a solution for soft plastics, but also avoids trees being cut down for this reason.”

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