Flight Coffee is a family of coffee nerds existing to develop excellent people and outstanding coffee. Our focus is on coffee appreciation, education and development. 

Come and visit our award winning team at the Hangar on the corner of Willis & Dixon in Wellington. That is indeed our HQ named after an aviation pun. Here is where you can find 'your mum's best friend' Nick (above right) to talk to about wholesale supply, and much more!

You can observe super skills in deliciousness while Richard the roaster works his magic (above), and you can freak over our ever changing specialty coffee line-up with our crew, including Kris the sexy perfectionist (below).

The Hangar is the perfect spot for a coffee geek out experience. Our menu includes award winning blends alongside an array of rare specialty coffees prepared with cold drip, Chemex, V60, Aeropress, and the finest espresso machine in the country manned by super humans including Steve "doe-eyes" Hall (very top left, with the doe-eyes).

In Colombia we have a joined forces with our friends Jade (left), Mario (centre), Alej and Miguel and to undertake a specialty coffee farm transformation project called Helena. On the right is Matt, who you won't see often at the Hangar. If you do, treat the moment with the reverence it deserves. With a welcome home hug. 

Helena is a long term project that will see a commodity coffee farm become a super specialty haven with rare and heirloom varieties under a native forest canopy, rich biodiversity and the most amazing flavours possible straight to our customers in NZ. Pretty excited about this one!

You can follow the progress of Helena in our blog, and on Facebook.

We are very actively studying coffee and its value chain around the world, from travelling 200 meters underground in a Halite mountain near the town of Zipaquirá, Colombia (above), to a 'best practices' farm in the neighbourhood where the awesomeness of coffee was first discovered, Jimma in Ethiopia (video below). We've also checked out the volcanic soil and dwarf coffee cultivars of Vanuatu, the first ever natural Cup of Excellence competition in Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, and it's not over yet my friends.

Our research reflects our commitment to progression and understanding. It helps us to produce outstanding coffee, while always aiming to have the best impact we can on the industry the lives it connects. Education is key!

So, send us a message if you'd like to know more, call Nick for a laugh on 04 212 6823, join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Bink (below, centre) would like to have a dance with you at Memphis Belle Coffee House on Dixon St, come and Richard ask loads of questions while he's trying to concentrate on a roast at the Hangar, and finally, have fun!