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Rwanda Vunga


Vunga Cooperative
Red Bourbon
Roasting Profile: 
Espresso, Filter, Aeropress, French Press

Vunga cooperative was established in 2009 and has been producing outstanding coffee ever since. Vunga is located in the Nyabihu district in the northwest region of Rwanda. The cooperative is supplied by 260 smallholder farmers, some of whom bring cherries down from as high as 2000 metres above see level.

When Nic Rapp went to visit Vunga back in May with Raw Material and Muraho Trading Company (MTCo) he was introduced to the team and saw how they did things at the station, learning how this relatively small station can produce at such a high quality. The team at Vunga proudly showed the guys their Cup of Excellence certificates, which they received in the 2012 and 2014 competitions.

This year MTCo have been working closely with Vunga to help them keep smashing it and we’re looking forward to see how this partnership develops in the future. Raw Material also pays a $0.35 USD per kilo premium to go towards infrastructure upgrades for the station, so watch this space!

Vunga’s coffee was a standout favourite on the cupping table in Rwanda and we are super excited to bring you this absolute gem.