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Kivu - Rwanda - Experimental Natural


Producer: Muraho Trading Company
Region: Nyamasheke
MASL: 1900
Process: Experimental Natural
Varieties: Red Bourbon
Roasting Profile:   Aeropress, French Press, Pour Over

Please note, if you're selecting 500g, you will receive 2 x 250g bags.


A special small batch experimental coffee from our brothers and sisters at Muraho in Rwanda. This coffee was picked at its ripest point in peak season. The coffee was sorted according to the usual protocols before undergoing a unique method of fermentation.

The cherries were placed in tanks and covered with plastic sheets. The sheets were then covered with water to weigh them down - this simple method allows the gas build up from fermentation to escape without allowing oxygen in. a tap in the bottom of the tank allowed moisture to drain out to avoid over fermentation. At the end of the ferment the cherries were washed and laid out to dry on the classic raised African beds.