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Kenya Kamabole


Producer: Kamabole Wet Mill
Region: Murang'a County
MASL: 1800
Process: Washed, dried on raised beds
Varietal: SL 28, SL 34, Batian and Ruiru 11
Roasting Profile: Aeropress, Filter, French Press

Kenya is divided into 47 counties, which act as administrative units. A governor who is elected after every five years heads each county. Murang’a County is in former central province area well known for producing high quality coffee. The coffees uniqueness is attributed to the high altitude, fertile red volcanic soil, good weather, abundant rain and meticulous coffee processing techniques.

Murang'a County is believed to be the cultural foundation of the Kikuyu people. The origin of the name Murang’a is believed to have been used by the Kikuyu, who referred to going for a visit in the area as ‘Kurang'a,' which was later changed to Murang’a the county’s capital.

Lying approximately 85 kilometres northeast of Nairobi, the county covers 2,558 square kilometres. Murang’a County borders Nyandarua to the west, Embu to the East, Nyeri to the north, Kiambu to the south, Machakos to the southeast, and Kirinyaga County to the northeast.