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 "When I first heard about this I immediately googled how to start an office."

- James, aspiring office coffee orderer.

BOMBER BLEND - Smooth, juicy, and sweet

Bomber. The original. The one and only. If you've visited one of our customers across NZ, you'll most likely have tasted our first born. It all started back in 2009, when we sat around a campfire and talked about what we'd love to see in our dream blend, out there representing us in the cafes and on the streets. Big sweetness, sparkling acidity, and creamy mouthful were all agreed upon. And of course, a blend that black and white coffee drinkers could happily and equally appreciate.

Featuring coffees from Rwanda, Colombia, and Brazil.

B2 BLEND - Punchy, bold, and sweet

B2 is designed for those who love strong coffee with milk. We spent a few weeks experimenting with different ratios, blends, and varieties, until one day, some bright-spark suggested we simply take Bomber and roast it further to intensify the sweetness and body. Aforementioned bright-spark was promoted, and B2 was born.

We highly recommend B2 for espresso, and if you're after notes of tasty dark chocolate go with the French Press.
Edit, change or cancel your subscription at any time.