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Sidra - Ecuador - Washed


District: Pacto
MASL: 1750
Roasting Profile: 
Espresso, Filter, Aeropress, French Press

Please note, if you're selecting 500g, you will receive 2 x 250g bags.

Sidra is grown and harvested in Pacto, Ecuador. Pacto is a small rural area in the North West of Quito, Pichincha situated at 1,750 meters above sea level. The coffee is grown by AAPROCNOP, which is the coffee association of the Northwest Area of Pichincha. AAPROCNOP is comprised of over 25 small farmers that grow this coffee and combine it to sell as a group.

Bourbon Sidra is fully washed, fermented in blue tanks for 48 hours and then sun-dried using African beds. The cherries are hand-picked, first selected using density pools, then by hand before pulping the coffee.

The coffee is stored in a temperature & moisture-controlled room in a plant in Guayaquil. Once orders are confirmed, the coffee is milled and prepare it for shipping. Green beans are selected first by densiometric machines, then by screen size, then by electronic machines and finally by hand in order to guarantee maximum quality. Only 80 x 50KG of this Fully Washed Bourbon Sidra are grown and exported every year so you'd better get in quick!