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Roasted for Filter brewing

Tastes like Peach, Plum, & Jasmine

Variety Red Bourbon, Washed Process


The Kibingo washing station sits at an altitude of 1,893m, close to the Congo-Nile Crest in the Kayanza district of Burundi. The washing station is known for its wooden bridge that was built over the river that runs through it. The name 'Kibingo' comes from the Kirundi word urubingo which means 'reeds'. Reeds were planted along the river to contain the water and to prevent the surrounding soils from eroding. You can see an artist’s impression of these on the inside of our packaging.

This washing station collects cherries from over 2,750 local coffee farmers spread over the 18 neighbouring collines. During the harvest season, Kibingo processes more than 650 tons of coffee.

For this specific Reserve Lot (Lot 67011 if you’re interested) the coffee was processed using an experimental yeast strain known as Cima. This yeast was pitched into the fermentation tanks as the coffee fermented over a 12 hour period.

In addition to the native microflora contributing to fermentation, the Cima yeast culture enhances brightness and citrus notes in the cup. Other benefits of the process include a more complete breakdown of the mucilage during fermentation allowing for less water use during the washing process. It also helps to protect against spoiling during fermentation as the additional yeast crowds out the organisms responsible for spoilage.