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Producer: Gildardo Gutierrez
District: Herrera, South Tolima, Colombia
Yellow Bourbon
Roasting Profile:
Pour over, Aeropress, French Press


Finca Monteverde was given to Gildardo Gutierrez by his father Oscar Gutierrez 40 years ago. Since 2004, the goal and philosophy of the farm has been to move towards specialty production. Three of Gildardo’s siblings are now licensed Q Graders who have dedicated part of their work to advising Gildardo on planting new varietals for the specialty market.

The Gutierrez family have been coffee growers for five generations in the south of Tolima, where they own a micro mill, hand sorting each batch for processing. Some of the pickers that help during harvest are members of an indigenous community near the farm, known as the “Nasa Wex”.

Other helpers at the farm are relatives that live close by. Gildardo and his family put extra effort in to ensure comfortable accommodation and food is available so that pickers return season after season. The methodology behind the natural processing of this Monteverde Yellow Bourbon is based on the experience and advice of Gildardo’s siblings.

The cherry is picked at the highest level of maturation, observed using a refractometer, and measuring around 25 Brix. With this methodology, Gildardo and his sibling Johan have trained the seasonal pickers to pick the ripest cherries. This particular coffee undergoes a two-stage fermentation. The first stage is a 72-hour controlled temperature anaerobic fermentation, which sits between 19 and 23 degrees Celcius. Stage two is a 48-hour controlled temperature and pH aerobic fermentation.

This practice was adapted from the ancestral knowledge of Yemeni coffee growers, who use similar techniques for their production. Once the fermentation step is complete, the coffee is sun-dried in greenhouses, on African raised beds. During this process, airflow is adapted to control the relative humidity inside the greenhouse and the temperature at which the coffee is dried.

This temperature never goes above 37 degrees Celcius. The drying process takes around 25 days, and once the coffee reaches 11% humidity, it is packed in GrainPro