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Love you, Mum! Mother's Day Coffee

Another year, another Mother's Day, and another something special for our special mummas. Whether it be your actual mum, someone else's mum, your dad, we all have a mum or a mother figure in our lives that deserves to be celebrated!

Make sure you treat them right this Mother's Day and that they're kicking the day off with their own special bag.

We're taking orders from now and will be shipping them out to you on Wednesday 8th May so keep an eye on the post on Thursday.

Coffee info below.



The B2 Blend. This blend is specifically roasted for those who love and enjoy strong coffee with milk. B2 uses the same origins and blend ratios as the original Bomber blend, but has been roasted longer in the development phase to lower acidity and to intensify sweetness and sugar browning flavour notes. B2 is designed primarily for espresso, but you can also enjoy it as a darker plunger.

Producer: Various small lot holders
Region: Rwanda, Colombia, and Brazil
Process: Washed, Washed, and Natural
Varietal: Red Bourbon, Castillo, Colombia, Castillo, Yellow Catuai, and Yellow Bourbon
Roasting Profile: Espresso / Plunger