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Producer: PROCAF
District: Ecuador
MASL: 1850
Roasting Profile: 
Filter, Aeropress, French Press

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Grown and Harvested in Pallatanga, Ecuador. Pallatanga is a well-known rural area in the South Center of the Country in the province of Chimborazo. Grown at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, this Fully Washed Geisha has refreshing notes of green tea, frutal and floral aroma and intense notes of peach.


Pallatanga has great conditions for coffee growing. An average of 19 degrees year round and great balance between shadow and rain, with a lot of water sources like lakes, rivers and falls, provides an extraordinary environment for specialty coffee.


Coffee is grown by 8 small farmers. It is a new origin that PROCAF started carrying in 2018-2019. They provide technical support, financing and know how on processes so more families decide to grow specialty coffee at an above market price that can provide revenue for them and make specialty coffee a solid source of income .

Pallatanga Geisha is fully washed, fermented in blue tanks for 24 hours and then sun dried using African beds. Cherries are hand picked, first selected using density pools, then by hand before pulping the coffee. PROCAF receive the pergamino coffee and store it in our temperature & moisture-controlled room in our plant in Guayaquil


When they receive an order, we mill the coffee and prepare it for shipping. They only export specialty grade coffee, that is, screen 16 & up, 0 primary and secondary defects and of SCA scores 86+. Green beans are selected first by densimetric machines, then by screen size, then by our electronic machines and finally by hand in order to guarantee maximum quality.


Before shipments, they do a final cupping of the lots being exported and we work with PSS in order to provide a clear profile of our coffees. Only 400 x 50KG of this Fully Washed Pallatanga Geisha are grown and exported every year.