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Colombia Mallorca


Santiago Londoño
District: Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca
MASL: 1610
Yellow Bourbon
Roasting Profile: 
Espresso, Filter, Aeropress, French Press

Santiago is a 4th generation coffee farmer (His great-grandfather planted his first crop of Typica way back in 1932). For many years Mallorca has been a highly productive farm in the area of Caicedonia, where the Londoño family owns several farms. After finishing his MBA, Santiago decided to return to Mallorca, with a view to turning its 51 hectares of commercial farmland into a sustainable Specialty project. Mallorca is ideally situated on Caicedonia’s central mountain system, bringing hot days and cool nights – this diurnal variation contributes to high sugar concentration in the cherries.


Since his return, he has re-established shaded canopy. The shade provided by banana trees limits exposure to sunlight, helps to retain moisture and slows the cherry’s ripening, all of which improves quality. The bananas also provide an additional source of income (and milkshakes).


The farm was formerly mainly planted with Caturra. Four years ago the family decided to plant the rare varieties Geisha and Yellow Bourbon. These new varieties now make up 30% and 20% of production, respectively. The crops are fertilized to their needs so there is no nutrient competition.


With the shift in direction, the farm management had to adapt to new processing methods such as naturals and honeys as well as monitoring processing variables. Santiago’s administration has focused on detailing information of every batch to insure traceability. Conditions and variables are noted and each individual lot is stored in a warehouse at 19 degree Celsius in grain pro bags. When every lot is stored a sample is taken and sent to Café Y Procesos, a nearby quality assuring company that cups every lot and classifies its quality.


We loved Santiago’s ‘Golden Blend’ from last year’s crop so it’s a real treat to be able to offer this variety this year.