Our favourite reusable cup

Today’s blog post is about our partnership with JOCO. We are now the New Zealand distributor of these incredibly good looking, environmentally friendly, reusable takeaway cups.

  • We love that JOCO designed their cups with not just customers in mind, but baristas as well. Based in the Australian state of Victoria, not too far from Melbourne, they definitely have a lot of experience with coffee and have designed their cups with not just customers in mind, but baristas as well. Made out of high quality, borosilicate glass, with a BPA, lead and cadmium free silicone lid, JOCO cups show the coffee at its best, unaffected by the taste of plastic or paper. Having the opportunity to offer our customers the best experience possible from our coffee when they don’t have time to hang was a massive motivator for us.

  • JOCO’s approach to prioritising sustainability also aligns with our own values.

    Annually 2.25 billion paper cups are used worldwide according to JOCO’s informative website, which is insane! If there is any reason to use one of these cups, reducing that number by any amount for us seems like a damn good idea. Consumers of takeaway coffee are starting to realise the impact disposable paper cups are having on the environment and we see this reflected in the growing number of companies producing reusable cups. We already use fully compostable takeaway cups (lids included) in our flagship store, the Flight Coffee Hangar, supplied by the team at Ecoware, as well as supplying them to many of our wholesale accounts around the country. So, for us the next logical move was to get on board with the JOCO team and encourage people to help out the environment.

  • JOCO loves nature and nature loves JOCO. 
    The great thing about JOCO is that while taste and helping out the environment are important to these guys, their functionality doesn’t get in the way of them looking great either. The team at JOCO know what they are doing when it comes to design, which can be seen in the sleek aesthetics of the JOCO cup. The range of vibrant colours these cups come in suit any style, any season and any time of the day. They have also released a new line of vintage colours in the 12oz and 16oz sizes. We’ll be getting the 12oz colours in soon so if you like to keep it old school we’ve got you covered.

  • Recognising the growing popularity of reusable cups, The Guardian compared five brands, with JOCO ending up as the chosen favourite. With eco-conscious consumption in mind as well as taste and style, it’s easy to see why we are so stoked to be working with JOCO and supplying their great line of reusable cups.

    You can get yours online or in many of the cafés we supply, including the Flight Coffee Hangar. Keep an eye out on social media for the new range as well; coming soon!

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