What a year it's been!

We look back on a few exciting things that have happen over the last five years, but more specifically the last 12 months.

  • Another year has passed for us at Flight Coffee and once again it has been off-the-chain! It definitely could not have been as incredible a year without the support of friends, family, the cafes we supply to and of course you guys! Anyway, before we get too emotional, it's time we embark on the journey of the Flight Coffee Fifth Year That Was (cue flashback sound effects and blurry scene change). 

    With more and more people wanting a taste of the sweet stuff we all love and know so well, we welcomed the newest member to the roasting and dispatch team, Paddy. He's our dispatch extraordinaire, roastery DJ, rap poet, hat designer and Trev's new bestie.

  • The Hangar has had quite a few additions over the past year, notably the new kitchen replacing the roasting space at the back of the shop. Naturally we needed a head chef that shared the same passion for food as we have for coffee and then it happened... we meet our food soul, Lisa. She's helped the Hangar evolve not only with a new banging day menu but recently created a completely different evening menu, which now includes fried pickles (please wipe the droll off your chin) and many other delights!

  • Our superstar lady Twyla was promoted to General Manager at the beginning of the year and as we farewelled Jake and Corey from the bar, with our latest American import, Kristina running the bar side of things with Kris. With Kris being involved in the bar our Scandinavian import, Sarah has stepped in as head barista and with her comes a tonne of experience and her unquenchable thirst for knowledge... and coffee. 

  • In March the New Zealand Barista Champs rocked around again and our very own Nick Clark stepped up to the plate to compete against fellow industry heavy weights. Once again competitors exceeded expectations to prove themselves and claim the title of New Zealand Barista Champion, earning the right to represent our country at the World Barista Championships. Placing second only to Hanna Teramoto, Nick just missed out on going to the worlds for a second time in a row, but it was still a great result! The Corn-Dog himself, Richard Corney and Megan Wyper (formerly Barker, that's right she got htiched!) also 'repped us on the judging panel.

  • Our young gun and new roasting apprentice, Nic Rapp competed in the New Zealand Brewer's Cup and won the inaugural title, 2 weeks later he landed in Rimini, Italy where he represented New Zealand at the World Brewer's Cup. He also took the chance to compete in World Aeropress Championships which might we add, was on the beach and in the sun! Even though he didn't place this time he's rather determined to get though next year. 

    Nic wasn't the only Fly Boy in Rimini this year, Richard stopped by Rimini on his way home from Colombia to take a seat on his second judging panel at the World Barista Champs which also included judging in the final round. 

  • The epic trip Richard took to Colombia before making his way to Italy, taking him and Matt all over Colombia, meeting farmers and tasting over a hundred coffees in 6 short days. Farmers they met included the group we fondly know as the "Honey Dozen" who produced one of the first en mass honey processed coffees to come out of Colombia. They also met the farmers of the Antioquia Cooperative, who produced the Betulia which we use in Bomber, and had the opportunity to give the farmers their quality based premiums for their coffees at a value of over $25,000.00 USD. This was distributed proportionately over the 30 families who contributed to the lot (needless to say there were definitely some emotions from both parties). 

  • Later on in the year Richard went back to Colombia to scout out new coffees, which will be arriving in a matter of weeks from now, while Matt and Nick went to Seoul, South Korea so Nick could compete in the World Coffee Events All Stars. Going up against South Korean champions as well as other industry heavy weights, including Matt Perger (who placed second at last year's World Barista Championship) and James Hoffman (of Square Mile Coffee in London). These guys are all legends in the field, we were incredibly honoured and humbled to be asked to attend. On the way back to NZ, Nick and Matt stopped via Indonesia to further build our green buying network and get to know the industry over there a little better.

  • This year also saw the revamp of our brand. We have been working very closely with the radically talented and annoyingly attractive people of Inject design and are so pumped with the outcome thus far. In the new year we will be revealing a few more wee tidbits and a brand new website, so watch this space!

  • We have also spent a bit of time updating our coffee brewing offerings and have welcomed the Gino dripper and the mighty stainless steel coffee plunger. We love new toys and when they have been designed to look this good and brew so well, we can't help but get overwhelmed with excitement! Our Brew School also got a new identity: Hello Flight School!

  • Towards the end of the year we did a co-lab with the A-team of beer brewing, Garage project and with them created a coffee beer to rival all coffee beers (dream come true!). We got the guys around to the roastery to cup a selection of our coffees with, of which picking the Moreninha Formosa, Brazil for the coffee component of the beer. After a final tasting at the brewery we were pretty excited if not a little tipsy, well Meg was. We threw a small launch party at The Hangar at the start of the month which in the end resulted in a couple of long queues, such a great night! 

    We have had such a busy, exciting and massive year and are super pumped to go even larger next year! 

    A massive thanks to everyone for your support and love over the past 12 months,

    Love and thanks from The Hangar Crew and team Flight Coffee

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